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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  July 12, 2017 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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good morning i'm rahel solomon. aim jim donovan. katie and meisha will be along in a moment but here's what we need to necessity to start our day in our morning minute, wednesday, july 12th. >> thought to be a drive by. >> two women found dead overnight in the pickup truck in north philadelphia. >> police have only identified the victim is here as a 28 year-old woman and 19 year-old woman. everyone is talking about this. >> the search for four missing men, not letting up in bucks county. >> authorities have been painstakingly searching this family farm just down the road from here. got a flight to catch? be prepared for picket lines
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at philly international. in receipt tremendous expect i probably would have done things a little differently. >> donald trump junior facing scrutiny after he releasing a series of e-mails way russian lawyer. >> this is moving into perjury , potentially treason. you know who else couldn't believe don junior published e-mails one reporter tweeted i work on the story for a year, and he just tweeted it out. >> that is right, fake news, you got scooped by donnie junior, hahaha. >> much more to come on that story but now we are focusing on the weather. >> and also the word, the heat and humidity makes it insufferable. >> it will feel very, very sticky, steamy, sultry, and particular on with all of the adjectives, exactly, et cetera , et cetera. throughout the course of the
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day it may feel as hot as 100 degrees, tomorrow, it is going to be the worst but we will start off by taking a quick peak at storm scan. we have weather variable to consider here heat and humidity obviously but also, a glance at radar toward afternoon and evening will be necessary for somebody taking a look, things are quiet. we have had a few sprinkles across ocean, monmouth county that departed out to sea and we will generally find sunshine, cloud throughout the course of the morning but toward afternoon and evening especially showers, storms re ignite, we have building heat, ample moisture to work with. instability is there for those typical summertime thunderstorms and they can be strong. our temperatures are off to a large start. we are off to 79 degrees at philly international with a normal high of 87. these would be reminiscent of noon time. so it is really big and warm part of the day and we can only go up from here. sun's not up yet, give it a
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couple minutes. once it does rise we will see that sun bake things on the surface and in the city i expect a high of 92 degrees. but getting hotter tomorrow. excessive heat watch takes effect as of tomorrow for philadelphia and surrounding communities but coming up meisha, we will talk about how high that temperature will climb, before more importantly how hot will it feel. those questions answered later >> crazy how heat can just drain you, and floor director nick and i were talking with, nick, just step in here. >> in. >> come here, don't, quick, no >> okay just say hi. >> hi nick. >> nick and i were just talking about it, how that heat can make us feel so tired , there is something in the air. >> yes. >> looking outside, blue route at route one take a look both directions, it doesn't matter which direction you travel, looking very quiet out there. blue route, only area, look at 42 freeway north bound at creek road, 295 this areas heating up. for those jumping on 42, would
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i say factor in a couple extra minutes. more in the 6:00 o'clock hour. then vine will be closed overnight for construction moving in the west ande bound direction. you can see brake lights going off now that it is open. we are picking up here on the eastbound side as well. now we do have an accident in wyndmoor flourtown avenue and willow grove avenue if this is your neck of the wood just a heads up. it doesn't sound like it is slowing you down too much. but everything in the 6:00 o'clock hour everything changes a bit but things are looking okay, jim, over to you police are investigating the shooting death of the two women in north philadelphia's fair hill section. officers covered up the ready to yet a pickup truck where they found both women with multiple gunshot wound happening on the 3,000 block of north lawrence street just after midnight, police say vehicles engine was still running when they arrived. >> it appears that the shooter , shooters fired multiple shots into the
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passenger side front door, some witnesses say both shoot ers were in the vehicle whole they fired shots so possibly a drive by. >> police haven't made any arrests just yet and they are interviewing eyewitnesses and checking nearby surveillance videos. well well, extensive search for four missing men led police to a 90-acre farm in bucks county. >> property owned by family of the man police are calling a person of interest. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do back live in solebury township with an update, good morning, trang do. >> reporter: good morning, rahel and jim. that person of interest is 20 year-old cosmo dinardo who was arrested on monday on unrelated weapons charges but his father bailed him out of jail last night. meanwhile investigators are continuing to scour the family 's property just down the road from here. they are now going in to their fourth day of searching. police cadets dot landscape of the 90-acre farm on lower york road in solebury owned by family of the man police are
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calling a person of interest in the disappearance of the four young men who went missing last week. search for bringing together resource from his several local depths, state police and fbi. >> we're using anything from major construction equipment down to the finest shifting equipment that you can imagine because some of it is just heavy bulky work, construction work and others we want to be careful not to miss the most tiny piece of evidence. >> reporter: bucks county district attorney matt weintraub is not revealing what led police to the family farm sunday night where a person of interest cosmo dinardo. >> there is information i'm privy too that i cannot share with you. i want to be very careful to stress that he is a person of interest and has not been charged or arrested with respect to any of the missing four young men at this time. >> reporter: jimmy patrick went missing on wednesday while dean finocchiaro, tom meo and mark sturgis have not
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been seen since friday. he says investigators suspect foul play. family and friend keeping vigil on the edge of the farm waiting for answers. >> we're scared. we just want to know something , because we're all, we don't know. >> reporter: "eyewitness news" did speak to the friend of dinardo who described him as quote normal until an atv accident last year where he suffered frontal lobe damage. investigators are expected back out here on the farm later this morning. for now we're live from solebury township i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". rahel and jim, back to you. >> thanks, trang do. donald trump junior has given his first tv interview since confirming a controversial meeting with russian lawyer. >> lawyer promised damaging information on hillary clinton : as hanna daniels explain the president's sonnies insisting did he nothing wrong. >> i wanted to hear it out but really it went in where.
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>> reporter: donald trump junior appearing on "fox news" insisting his meeting with the russian lawyer at trump tower last year during the election was quote a wasted 20 minutes. a meeting set up because she promised dirt on hillary rodham clinton. >> in retrospect i probably would have done things differently. this is before russia mania. before they were building it up in the press. for me this was opposition research. >> reporter: on twitter trump junior released entire e-mail chain leading up to the meeting, in the initial message music publicist rob goldstone informed him that a russian official had very high level and sensitive information about clinton, but part of the russia and its government support for mr. trump. so to which don junior replied if it is what you say i love it. dialogue that is raising concern on both side of the aisle. >> this is most problematic matter thing i have seen thus far. >> this is moving in perjury, false statements and potentially treason.
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>> reporter: president released a statement calling his son a high quality person, while applauding his transparency. the president's attorney insists that don junior did nothing wrong. >> i'm just trying to look at it as a lawyer saying what statute of law has been violated what code section and it doesn't exist. >> reporter: special counsel robert muhler and his investigation in the meddling is expect to look in the e-mails and meetings. hanna daniels for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". trump junior said he will testify under oath if asks, and he insist he didn't tell his father about the meeting because there was nothing to tell. coming up man tries to grill a stake by a fire. >> but so bad homes had to be evacuated. hear how things got out offhanded in such a short amount of time. former republican congressman and ms nbc host joe scarbureau makes a big announcement on the late show. hear what he told our stephen
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ms nbc host joe scarbureau has had it with the republican party. >> when he talked about david duke and pretended he didn't know who david duke was or klu klux klan did you didn't have republicans coming out i can never support donald trump because he is racist. i will not be a republican anymore. i have got to become an independent. >> morning joe host sharing his views on the cbs late
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night show with stephen colbert, he was joined by mika brzezinski who were previously friend of the president. we have to tell you cbs news suspense thriller salvation premiers tonight, with an asteroid just months away from colliding with planet earth, race to save the planet. >> okay, where are you getting this science fiction on from. >> it is just not true. >> no. >> okay. >> you won't mind me tweeting about an asteroid forced to slam into earth say in 186 days, to my 20 million twitter followers, make that 21 million. >> okay. >> so which is it? >> the great thing i love about this show is, when put up against a threat like that as human beings do we come together and solve it or do we destroy ourselves in the process. under that veil, these great characters really come to life and get developed and we have
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got conflict and relationships and you know, love, betrayal, all of those things coming through, through these characters. >> you can catch salvation tonight at 9:00 p.m. right here on cbs-3. also got to tell you superstar pink won't be far from home tonight as she takes stage on atlantic city is beach. doyletown native is performing in the first of three summer concerts on the beach. crews were setting up yesterday. thinks pink's only east coast performance this year. i believe pink has been busy having babies. the gates for the event open up at 5:00 p.m. country singer brandtly gilbert perform tomorrow and rough riders and friends perform on august 3rd. nothing better than good music , the beach, hot weather, yeah. >> how will weather affect that. >> well, i mean, people will be allowed to at least bring in the bottle of water or empty bottle, that is something. >> what about the showers. >> we have to watch out for showers and storms. it is always tricky part of the forecast in the summer
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because everybody is outside. it is like you don't know where these storms will pop up there will be an area more prone that is northern half of the delaware valley. i have a feeling ac will be okay, all and all and if something does ignite it is in and out. i don't think they will to have cancel any thing. >> it will be refreshing to cool them off. >> no kidding. >> i was just outside on the sky deck, my goodness is what the word you use. >> yes. >> we will do a whole lot of that in the last couple minutes. nice to come back in the climate controlled studio. this is a different view facing same way surrounding the grim cam, dave grim set this up on top of the building facing center city. you can see there is a generally clear sky to work with here. tough to tell i'm not sure you can see it now that the sun has listen that the moon is still up. it won't drop over horizon until just shy of 9:00 a.m. lets check with the weather watchers because they sent in
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pretty pictures this morning for us and one does in fact include the moon from ed connor that waning moon and it is 90 and change percent illuminated right now. there are other pretty shots as well. we have john's shot where there is a hint of yellow across the sky line at 5:15. sun had yet to come up obviously. we will go back in time and look at lynn who too also had a couple cloud. it is that mixed bag you'll find overhead throughout the day and with time eventually we will see a few showers or storms. now looking at these temperatures in the most outlining suburbs, sailorsberg , nottingham is still in the 70's and these are cool spots of the bunch. imagine how warm, as day goes on. phil chestnut hill at 74. john in perkasie at 72. bill has 75. even kenneth is already flirting with 80 at this hour. lets go outside to what we're talking about statistics wise with this heat, tomorrow will be the worst to day is bad but
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tomorrow is the worst where we will have 97 degrees, record is 98 setback in 1994 so we are coming close, maybe in the so harmless flirtation but we will see how we do. we will look at storm scan three heavy thunderstorms, some of which might entire up here, toward afternoon and evening. good shot but where will they pop scenario. you don't exactly know until it is happening and then you end up with heavy rain, thunderstorms throughout those cells as they pop up. just watch for that. ninety-two is expected high later tonight to only 77 overnight. so very warm. that will easily help us sky rocket backup to 97 tomorrow and then we will catch a break from the war of the heat, meisha. looking forward to that break, all right, thanks very much. good morning to you. happy wednesday. we are looking outside, right now we have a disable or accident here but either way schuylkill near spring garden street. be mindful. you can see brake lights traveling on by you will start
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to get a gaper delay as we push in the 6:00 o'clock hour. forty-two headlights moving northbound toward philadelphia , taillights, southbound toward ac expressway both directions looking darn good, and then we will look at 295 near route 30 we are looking good there as well, no problems whatsoever, it is your the main road busy, i-95, certainly schuylkill approaching center city, the boulevard, that sort of thing. then we have an accident flourtown avenue at willow grove avenue in wyndmoor. head up on. that bridge inspections also taking place, so 95 south between broad street and enterprise avenue left lane will be compromised starting at 9:00 a.m. running through 3:00 p.m. right after our main bulk of the rush and right before the start of the evening rush hour , beginning. so overall they are going to be starting at 9:00 a.m. and construction as well in cherry hill 70 eastbound between kings highway and 295 that right lane is compromised there lots of construction today and only two accidents out there right now, jim, back
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over to you. philadelphia police are hoping public can help them identify vandals they say ransack a bowling alley run by a local church. take a look at this surveillance video from saint monicas in south philadelphia over the weekend. police say suspects who appear to be teens spent hours ransacking the church causing thousands of dollars in damage >> devastating, devastating to us, we have day cares scheduled to be here all day but instead we are changing locks and doing this stuff and losing revenue. >> in addition to the damage officials say vandals found key to the change machine and stole $1,500. anyone with any information is asked to call police. a billion dollar proposal to move fbi headquarters out of washington d.c. has been scrapped. federal government announced yesterday that the decade long search for a new building has been called off due to under funding. the hoover building on pennsylvania avenue has served as fbi headquarters for more than 40 years which critics say is far too long for such a
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critical agency. >> current fbi building has deteriorated in to horrible shape and cannot protect tonight its present location. they do need to move. >> reality of the building from the early 70's, currently fbi headquarters, it is totally ant quited from a technology standpoint. >> local governmentness maryland and virginia had been vying for years for the right to build the new headquarters. largest automotive recall in u.s. history just got bigger, takata added 2.7 million vehicles to the air bag recall, vehicles are from ford, nissan and mazda model year 2005 through 2012, takata air bags you may recall inflators can spew shrapnel into drivers and passengers after a crash. at least 17 people died due to the problem, 42 million vehicles have been recalled for repairs. well, down south people forced out of their homes in texas after a massive fire and
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it all started with a stake, yes, a stake, man was grilling a stake in his backyard yesterday. home owner even took precautions by wetting the area around his grill but then things got out of control when wind carried the spark. flames got close to homes prompting evacuations, one resident says a fire like this is pretty common for the area. >> that house is down wind from the fire line right now. i'm mildly anxious. i have confidence in the local fire department. i have seen them work. they have worked out very close to my house before. incredible. after getting fire under control crews continued to put out small fires in the area. >> you don't think of that stuff. this young boy gets to high five his friends and armrest will his mom thanks to a brand new prosthetic arm. >> we will tell you how engineer used a 3-d print tore change the life of an eight
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well, young north texas boy is getting a chance to be a regular old kid thanks to modern technology. >> correspondent, now has a story of the kindness of
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strangers. >> reporter: here at uta fab lab eight year-old garrett clark's story touched adam williams heart. >> i just love building things that alone makes me happy but seeing that it helps someone, you know, more of a better feeling. >> reporter: adam design and printed a arm for garrett after his dad a professor heard about the lab's possibility. >> as i said flexes, pulls on these and it closes the fingers. >> this one will enter through here report report today garrett was fitted with a new costume fit arm. >> palm grip here is flexible material that was 3-d printed. >> there is a list of things he cannot wait to try. >> well, rock climbing. >> that is out of the way. >> reporter: he shined his built in laser and flashlight high five his brother and beat his mom in arm,es were will.
5:56 am
>> these are still in the prototype phase but eventual goal, to attach them to garrett's actual arm to help him swim. >> i mean i feel like everyone should have an equal opportunity to at least have a childhood. >> i'm hoping it will help him , with his independent but that is part of the journey looking forward to see what will happen. >> journey filled with new opportunities, every step of the way. >> how cool is that. >> he sounds like a pretty typical kid, he wants to swim, rock climb, no dishes. >> that was yona reporting. come up next on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" incredible story of a rescue from a group of good samaritans banding together, look at this to save nine swimmers trapped in the ocean. >> it is an incredible story. >> scare moments for kyack shore had a chosen counter with a shark and shuts down a california beach, we will right back.
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new this morning two women shot dead in the pickup truck
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overnight, coming up ahead we will tell what you police know so far as they searched for a killer. plus latest on the search for four missing men in bucks county we are live from the farm where authorities are focusing their search, and we will have more on the man described as a person of interest in the case. if you thought it was hot yesterday, well, katie's tracking even hotter weather on the way and chance for some more storms. >> yes. >> good morning, everyone it is wednesday, july 12th, i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. katie and meisha keeping an eye on things. >> it is so hot. >> no, no. >> everybody is sweating at home. even the air conditioning doesn't help when you reach temperatures like this looking outside, it is looking okay. starting to build levels and we have a couple accidents. >> thankfully morning drive looks good, weather-wise, sun glare a little bit of an issue we have a couple cloud but start of the day looks quiet. note that is reflected on storm scan three as well. we have had a coupl


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